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At pazzo we serve honest food packed with flavour, based on first class ingredients.

Like the port of Antwerp receives good from all around the globe, we are open for a diversity of culinary influences. French, Italian and Japanese… We love innovation, but at the same time we respect traditional values as well. That's why you will find preparations with butter and olive oil, goose liver and tempura, risotto and curry, carpaccio and sashimi. And last but not least, we love truffles!

Pazzo offers you a worldly kitchen and a worldly kitchen requires a worldly wine selection. Pazzo defines itself as a wine restaurant, a place where wine meets food.

A place as well where wines are allowed either to harmonise or to contrast with the food.

As with the food, flavour and originality are more important to us than conventional wisdom. The only thing that counts is quality.

No more, no less. No more, no less.

Your chef, Ingrid Neven

Chef Ingrid Neven went to culinary school at Herk-de-Stad and did one of her internships at Château Neercanne.Thanks to the open plan kitchen, customers can see her in action while enjoying their meal.

Ingrid is a down to earth kind of chef, but you can tell she really enjoys what she's doing. She was declared "Ladychef of the year" in 2010 and in 2011 received the prestigious title of "Masterchef of Belgium".

Your host, Tom d'Hooghe

Tom d'Hooghe, an alumnus of the Antwerp culinary school PIVA, is one of the driving forces behind Pazzo ; together with Ingrid Neven. Tom is in charge of all things wine, a task he inherited from his mentor, William Wouters, who was the previous owner of Pazzo.

William, known and praised as one of the beste sommeliers in Belgium, moved to Portugal in 2014. He and his wife Filipa Pato are now tending to their orchards and producing beautiful wines over there.

Great food deserves a great wine

One of Pazzo's mottos is : "Life's too short to drink bad wine". Wines from all over the world are brought together in this ca. 200 year old warehouse.

Big names, but also little known gems. By the glass or by the bottle.

Our staf will gladly help you make the right choice from the large selection available. At Pazzo, we'll never give you a wine that 'just' goes with your meal. Instead we will present you one that is in love with your dish and will dance with it on your tongue..

Michelin Gids 2022

Pazzo is proud to be in the MICHELIN Guide
for Belgium and Luxemburg 2022.

Pazzo is open for lunch and dinner on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.